Q: What are King Shepherds?

A: King Shepherds are blended dogs and still under development. This is Rare Breed who are register in ARBA (American Rare Breed Association). Most commonly their blend is GSD/Malamute, but there is already also 3rd blend Great Pyrenees. GSD gives this breed smartness and easy to train, Malamute size, calm temperament and big bones, Great Pyrenees sweet personality and calm temperament

Q: What is the difference between German Shepherds and King Shepherds?

A: Main difference is blends, King Shepherds are healthier, don't have aggression. don't have pray drive, no hyperness, very calm and balanced dogs

Q: Are King Shepherds good with kids and other pets in the household?

A: Yes (at least in our experience) they are good with kids in any age, also good with dogs and cats.

Q: How hard is to train King Shepherds?

A: As they have GSD in their DNA then they are very easy to train, but also they have some stubbornness as they have Malamute and some has also Great Pyrenees in their DNA

Q: When we are looking to get a King Shepherds, what is the important questions to ask?

A: Ask from breeder, what is the parents blend, are their dogs register in ARBA, does they doing genetic testing to know are some of their dog affected or carrier for some genetic disease.